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Article: How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Trap

How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Trap
Digestive Health

How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Trap

The holiday season is the time of year when most of us gain a few extra unwanted pounds and let our healthy lifestyle slip, opting for mince pies and mulled wine over healthier alternatives! But a few weeks of over-indulgence can lead to months of trying to get back in shape and salvage that healthy mindset. Read on for our top tips to resist bingeing and stay healthy this festive season.

  1. Homemade is Healthier

Lots of the things which are not only high in calories but are also not good for our health are found in processed food. The more processed something is, the more likely it is to contain sugar, trans fats and harmful additives. Whether it’s the Christmas pudding, cocktails or the dinner itself – making as much of it as you can from natural and fresh ingredients will help you to avoid as many hidden nasties as possible.


  1. Beware the Booze

Not only is booze packed with empty calories but in excess it is toxic, making us look and feel worse as well as accelerating the ageing process and leaving you with no energy. We aren’t saying that you don’t deserve a hard-earned drink this time of year but being mindful not to binge drink will leave you feeling happier and healthier. Why not stock up on some alcohol-free alternatives or offer to be the driver for the group to banish the booze this Christmas?


  1. Make Your Healthy Wishes Known

Boxes of chocolates and bottles of booze have been a favourite Christmas gift for centuries but are often unwanted. What’s more, they may even end up unopened and regifted to your colleagues in attempt to swerve their less than healthy contents! By (politely) asking your nearest and dearest to gift you a healthier choice in advance, you can make sure that their kind gift is something you will treasure, not avoid!


  1. Have a Healthy Social Life

Christmas get togethers don’t have to involve a pub or restaurant! By suggesting a creative alternative you can make your festive catch-up a healthy one. Why not go for a long frosty walk or suggest a shopping day to get in some steps and stay active? Not only will you feel fresh and fancy-free the following day, but you’ll also save some pennies and allow yourself to remember the whole thing!


  1. Learn to Say No!

We are so lucky to have amazing family and friends that are keen to spoil us and make sure we are never left hungry or thirsty in their company, but learning how to politely decline the constant offerings could be the key you need to stay healthy this festive season. Don’t be afraid to turn down the odd canapé or ask for a soft drink instead – we do have a choice when it comes to just how much we indulge this Christmas!


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Staying true to your healthy lifestyle this holiday season doesn’t mean going without every worldly pleasure, it simply comes down to a bit of willpower and mindfulness! By making some healthier choices this December you will thank yourself in the New Year, when you can continue your healthy mindset instead of having to correct a month’s worth of over-indulgence!

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