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At the risk of sounding sentimental we believe every company should have a goal or a vision that is bigger than itself. I know what you are thinking ... Mighty words you say there Oprah! BUT we are dreamers over here and truly believe that business can be a force for good. Inspiriko’s journey can be traced back to two big goals.

First, we are absolutely, madly, bonkers passionate about promoting the goodness of organic plant based nutrition. Walk into any health store and pick up a “health supplement” and try and count the number of ingredients that sound like it should be part of a toxic chemical mix, rather than a supplement - trust me there will be quite a few! Like sodium citrate or cupric acid, why are they in your supplement? The answer might surprise you !!

We believe that nature is the only lab you need to prepare all your nutrients - and we aim to bring that to you in its purest and cleanest form.

Second, is to be a platform which inspires women from all walks of life to adopt a healthy mindset towards nutrition. We want to fight back against the avalanche of cheap protein shakes and weight loss solutions that floods the market, which aims to feed into insecurities of women rather than actual health benefits. I know that because I have felt the same in the past !

We love what we do and are really excited to bring these amazing plants to you and in the process we hope to get to know you better and build a community of amazing like minded women ! Andra

We are Plant Seekers !

We work with experts to find the most nutrient dense plants in the world. Geography is not a problem but an advantage ! Our plants are sourced from around the world, and all of them have only one thing in common - they are all ethically and organically sourced.

Woman Focussed

Our team works directly with nutritionists, plant experts and our customers to make sure that the products we develop help women meet their nutritional needs and health goals in a hassle free and plantastically healthy way !!

Always Vegan. Always Organic.

Promising to provide high quality products is not enough. We want to make sure we are following the highest quality standards in the market. So our products are certified by both Soil Association & Vegan Association.