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Inspiriko is a journey many years in making. As a child with severe health challenges, I was first introduced to herbs and natural solutions, as part of my holistic treatment plan. But this childhood experience, born out of adversity, became a passion and a business plan only after many years, as I became a busy professional in my adulthood.

To stay on top of my health I was prescribed supplements, and that was the first time I was introduced to the broken industry of supplements. As someone who was very careful of what I consume, I was shocked at what I saw - Questionable ingredients, deliberate misleading label claims, poor sourcing practices, loads of unnecessary additives, preservatives and fillers .. the list was endless.


Inspiriko, started in 2018, with the mission of developing and

bringing to our customers the highest quality plant based supplements. As we continue to grow, this mission remains central to everything we do. We are proudly transparent of what is included in our supplements (Hint - There are ZERO unnecessary fillers, additives or preservatives), and where they come from.

We believe taking supplements should not be forced and a chore, it should be a treat ! So where possible our supplements are in delicious blends that can be easily integrated into your daily life. When that is not possible, we create clean formulated capsules, that are available in non allergic, easy to swallow and vegan formulations.

But an holistic approach to health requires more than just supplements, so we work with our experts to create resources and tools, like sleep training, meal plans, nutrition advice etc. All of which are available to our customers absolutely free.


Our solutions are based on the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and Chinese medicines, but we back this up with proven science by working only with the best ingredient manufacturers in the world with a clear record of clinical research and expertise.


Our formulas are free from any unnecessary additives, fillers and allergens etc. It is always 100% vegan certified and organic where possible


Our customers are an integral part of our production process, from idea generation to taste testing and packaging, our customers are involved in all stages, making sure we meet the highest standard - their standard !!