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As per your answer to the Menopause Assessment, you are Type 1 or Pre-Menopause.

Most women approaching middle age have an idea of what menopause is, or at least that their menstrual cycle will cease someday. If this is you, then you’re right to be here. Menopause can be a wholesome experience if you know how to deal with it.

If you haven’t started experiencing any changes out of the ordinary, then you’re probably in pre-menopause.

How do I know if I’m premenopausal?

In pre-menopause, a woman experiences her normal menstrual cycle and is at the pinnacle of her reproductive capacity. Usually, there aren’t any observable menopausal symptoms in this phase.

Pre-menopause is a pretty long period considering that it is any time from puberty to peri-menopause. When you think about it, referring to an adolescent as pre-menopausal may seem a little out of place won’t it? Even though theoretically, the teenager is because she is ‘before’ menopause and has regular periods.

The term ‘pre-menopause’ however, more accurately describes a woman in her 30’s approaching middle age that has her regular cycle without any troubling menopausal changes or symptoms.

Menopause is still a good number of years away. As you get older, and closer to peri-menopause, you may begin to experience some changes in your reproductive cycle. This is early peri-menopause. At this point, the hormonal changes in your body may cause you to put on a few pounds. You may also have irregular periods and even hot flashes.

How long does pre-menopause last?

How long you remain in this phase varies widely. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the next phase of menopause, which is peri-menopause, may start as early as in your 30s or as late as mid-50s. Pre-menopause extends from your first menstrual period to when peri-menopause kicks in. It is a pretty long phase. Some women have few minor symptoms during this period but many women experience no symptoms at all.

What we recommend

Menopause is just up ahead and your body is preparing for it. You should too, and deliberately so. You can have a healthy transition into menopause by knowing what to expect and the best way to manage the symptoms. We advise that you prepare for these changes by doing the following:

● It is helpful to consult an OB/GYN specialist and talk about your hormones and how to balance them. If there’s a history of breast or cervical cancer in your family, you should absolutely bring it up.
● Keep on top of your annual appointment with your gynaecologist. Every simple screening test is important from weight, height, blood pressure to mammograms, PAP tests and cholesterol levels. They help catch early signs of perimenopause and any underlying health problems.
● Starting or continuing an excellent health program is crucial. Maintaining a healthy weight during this period can be accomplished by a healthy diet. It should be one that particularly contains adequate Fibre, Calcium, Magnesium and vitamin D for strong bones.
● Consider our Super Green Energy supplement, to help achieve your daily nutrition needs easily. Each serving is a blend of organic vegetables and fruits containing antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that will boost your health. Just one scoop mixed with juice or smoothie, will help you meet majority of your B Vitamins, Iodine, Vitamin C needs. Another product to consider is our Award Winning, Organic, Fibre and Prebiotic Rich Superfood Powder – Love Thy Gut. Each serving has loads of fibre, plant antioxidants, prebiotics for a healthy gut.
● Discuss with friends and family, especially those who are in your shoes. Joining a community of women who have been through perimenopause or experiencing it helps sh.
● Indulge in regular exercise, mindful breathing, and relaxation techniques. This can improve your sleep in the long term as poor sleep is a common symptom of peri-menopause. If you are looking for tips to improve your overall sleep habits, try our Free Sleep Training, it is filled with expert advice and tools to help improve your overall sleep. You can also try our Award Winning, Herbal Sleep Aid - Cosmic Calm. It has a number of calming herbs, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Zinc. A combination that will help you slip into blissful sleep with ease.
● Magnesium is a crucial mineral that supports over 300 bodily functions. But most women do not meet their daily magnesium requirements. Smarter Magnesium, is a specially formulated and gentle Magnesium Complex that includes highly absorbable Magnesium Glycinate, Vegan Vitamin D3, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Folate – one of the most important Vitamin for women. It is formulated to help with muscle cramps during period, aid the balancing of hormones, reduce fatigue and improve energy and helps improve sleep quality.