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Inspiriko Interviews Healthy Lifestyle Magazine PEACHES Creator & Ethical Fashion Blogger Nuria Molins

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Inspiriko Interviews  Healthy Lifestyle Magazine PEACHES Creator & Ethical Fashion Blogger Nuria Molins

 As part of our Wellness Series we sat down with healthy lifestyle blogger & healthy lifestyle magazine PEACHES creator Nuria Molins.  I met Nuria at Vevolution's Fun Day for entrepreneurs. Automatically, Nuria struck me as a magnetic personality. She is a passionate ethical fashion advocate, vegan and healthy lifestyle advocate. Nuria has some useful tips to share on how to cope with stress and maintain a positive attitude throughout life. 

 Nuria, if you had only 30 seconds to introduce yourself what would you say? 

 I'm a healthy lifestyle blogger and fashion creative from Spain living in London. 

 Can you tell us a little bit about what do you do? 

 So, I moved to the UK on my own when I was 16 years old to pursue my dream of studying and working in Fashion. Now I'm 23 years old and just finished my degree in Fashion Promotion! Besides fashion, I've always had a major passion for dance. I did Ballet studies for over 12 years as well as other modern dance techniques like Jazz, Commercial and Cheerleading.

 The intense world of Dance really got to me as a teenager and I ended up developing an eating disorder, which got worse when I moved alone to the UK. Luckily, something clicked in me at the right time, that made me want to recover and be healthy and this is when I found Veganism! (almost 5 years ago). Although I initially went vegan for ethical reasons, it quickly helped me improve my health and by following several vegan YouTubers/bloggers at the time, I managed to recover from my eating disorder pretty quickly! Since then, I became very passionate about sharing the vegan message and my ED recovery journey on social media.

 Today, I'm fully recovered, healthy and I built a beautiful community online where I keep on sharing these messages. Right now I'm freelancing in Fashion and blogging part-time (IG: @nuriimolins).

 I also founded my own healthy lifestyle magazine titled "Peaches" (IG: @peachesmagazine) a couple of years ago and re-launched it only a few months ago! Peaches is designed to be a community more than a bi-annual print publication, that showcases stories, art and interviews from inspiring females within the health & lifestyle sector. We aim to be the daily source of inspiration especially for young females when it comes to looking after both your mind and body. :)

Can you describe what wellness means to you? 

 For me, wellness is pretty much a state of mind. Besides the obvious mental & physical health, wellness to me is how you go about your day-to-day. Waking up with a positive attitude, feeling productive, with energy & content within yourself is a great example of wellness for me.

 Stress is a global epidemic. Can you share with us your experience? How do you cope with modern-day pressures? 

 Sure! Stress is something I definitely dealt with a lot in the past few years, especially whilst being at Uni and working part-time at the same time.

Something that really helped me on the 3rd year of my degree was developing a night and morning routine. I struggled with anxiety and really bad insomnia and the one thing that really helped me be on top of it was to design a routine that would let my body know when it was time to relax and when it was time to wake up and get shit done.

 Other things I could name that helped me would definitely be dropping my alcohol consumption to a minimum (and by this I mean, no occasional glass of wine with a meal - maybe once a month if I had a party or friend's bday I'd drink) - if you are a uni student, this is a massive deal for most of us! But also your last year is so stressful you have to prioritize your health and wellbeing over partying most of the time, which I personally prefer anyway!

 Also stretching in the morning independently if I would exercise or not that day, definitely improved my stress levels. I stretch mixing yoga with ballet stretches whilst listening to flowy music, this would for sure help me start my day with a fresh perspective and a "flexible" approach to situations.

 The last thing but SUPER important one was: MY DIARY. I got a new diary to start the year which comes with pages to set up your monthly goals and things like that and also plenty of space to write all your tasks each day. As I'm always doing lots of projects and things at the same time, it was very important for me to write all these things down and to take this diary with me everywhere I'd go. This would not only free-up space in my brain and reduce my stress, but it would also save me from forgetting important dates, deadlines, events, etc. 

Photo credits: Karen Trigoso (@karentrigoso)

You share on your Instagram a lot about sustainable fashion, wellness, and healthy living. What are your top tips to distress and find a healthy balance in your life? 

 I think I pretty much answered that in the last question, but in terms of coping with all of these things on a day-to-day, I'd say I try to keep it chilled. Sure, there's always room for improvement in terms of living a more sustainable life, having a healthier routine, etc. But I try to remember I'm trying my best in my current situation.

 For example, I'd love to walk more and take less public transport to reduce gas emissions, but the reality is that living in such a big city like London, I can't just walk everywhere and I need to get to places as fast as I can, so no tube is not an option for me right now. Like this, I have tons of things I could think of, but I try to not be too harsh on myself and simply try my best and improve those things that I can within my lifestyle frame if you get what I mean? :) 

 If you had only 10 min/per day for self-care what would you do and why? 

 This is such a hard question! The thing is, to me self-care involves even things like remembering to drink enough water, working out or getting enough sleep! I'll assume that this is more related to routines or "rituals" that we can do each day, so I'd say probably stretching on my yoga mat for 10 min!

  If you could give one piece of advice to your future or younger self about stress management & wellness what would it be? 

 To my younger self, I'd say: Stop worrying about weight, you are way more than that.

 A strong & healthy body will make you dance better than a weak & skinny-at-all costs body. What other people expect from you is not important, remember what you feel and what you want for yourself.  When times get tough, remember how far you've come and BREATHE.

 People will come & leave your life and sometimes you might feel like life makes no sense any more, please do not give up on yourself and don't give up on LOVE!

 Focus on yourself first and something better will come, I promise. Just DON'T GIVE UP!

 To my future self: Surprise me! 

 Thank you. Nuria, for sharing and being vulnerable! We wish you best of success with building a community of like- minded people that are passionate about healthy living and compassionate when making their dietary and fashion choices. 


Photo credits: All images are from Nuria's personal collection. 

Main image - Shamima Majid (@shampagne97)

Image with flowers: Karen Trigoso (@karentrigoso) 

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