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Wellness Interview With Food Blogger & Wellness Warrior Nourishing Amy

Posted by Team Inspiriko on
Wellness Interview With Food Blogger & Wellness Warrior Nourishing Amy

We caught up with inspiring food blogger & wellness influencer Amy Lanza or more well known as Nourishing Amy (@nourishing.amy) to talk about wellness, positivity and mindfulness. 

Amy, as you might know we like to challenge our guests to introduce themselves in 30 seconds. If you are up for a challenge I'll set a timer. In 30 seconds tell us who is Nourishing Amy. 

Hi, I’m Amy and I am a plant-based food blogger, recipe developer, food photographer and content creator. I am passionate about all things health, wellness and positivity and I share mindful quotes, vibrant vegan food and delicious recipes on Nourishing Amy, my blog and social media handles.

Can you tell us a little bit about what do you do? 

Nourishing Amy is my full-time passion and part-time job as I also work in social media, marketing and editorial within the health and wellness influencer sector. As a plant-based food blogger, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen creating delicious vegan recipes, I spend even more time styling shoots and taking photos of my creations and sharing them on my social media platforms - @nourishing.amy – and on my blog – I love working with brands with whom my passions and beliefs align. I’ll develop recipes around particular products and support their online campaigns which takes time spent planning and dreaming up recipes.

A lot of my time is also spent on social media! I really enjoy engaging with like-minded bloggers, foodies and health and wellness professionals as well as getting to know new brands. I also make sure to post regularly to show off my latest recipes and creations and I love the feedback from the community.

Outside of social media, I have been privileged enough to enjoy a variety of other foodie ventures; from food shows to presenting cooking demonstrations at London-based festivals and working on yoga retreats in Italy.

 These past few months here at Inspiriko we have focused on self-care and wellness. Can you describe what wellness means to you? 

Wellness is thrown around quite a lot in today’s society and you’re right that it will mean something different to everyone. To me, wellness is being in a state of contentment. It means to be physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally “well” or happy. It is a sense of lightness and peace within that makes you glow from the inside out.

 I imagine your days might be stressful with so much going on in your life. A lot of women are struggling with chronic stress these days. Can you share with us your experience? How do you cope with modern day pressures? 

I am a classic bury-your-head-in-the-sand type of person when it comes to certain types of stress such as big events coming up. For everyday stresses, I really try to approach everything with a positive mental attitude. I am a big believer in mind over matter and that if you stop dwelling on the negatives and focus on what is good, the good will get better and bigger.

I write to-do lists so I can break down my “stresses” into manageable tasks and set myself realistic targets. I try not to be too ambitious as it adds unnecessary pressure that can only lead to one thing… upset. Sometimes I’ll have a cry if I am feeling really stressed. Crying is good for us! The sense of relief is amazing. I’ll also have a bath, have a cuddle with my cat, talk to my family or do something just for me – not for work or for anyone else.

 You share on your instagram a lot of beautiful recipes and encourage conversation about wellness, mindfulness and positivity. Can you share with us your top 3 tips on how to integrate these 3 disciplines into daily life? 

My journey to wellness, mindfulness and positivity is ongoing and I am learning more and more every day and with every new challenge that arises.

My number 1 tip is to start your day right. Make time in the mornings to get your mind and attitude in check – whether that is a few minutes of meditation, chanting some affirmations to yourself, writing in a gratitude journal or having a cup of tea in bed. Take the time to set up each day to be the best.

Secondly is to nourish your body. Whether that means you meal prep at the weekends or have the time during the week to make yourself some wholesome, delicious and nourishing food. Prepare breakfasts the night before so you can have a great, filling and easy meal first thing and make sure your cupboards are well-stocked. These things will ease pressure and stress and leave you in the best state of wellness.

Thirdly, to encourage positivity, focus on what is already positive in your life. Write them down or tell yourself what you have to be grateful for on a particular day and you will start to notice the positive more and more.

 If you had only 10 min/per day for self-care what would you do and why? 

My ultimate speedy self-care practice would be 7 minutes of yoga or simply stretching on a yoga mat followed by repeating my favourite affirmations out loud with my crystals. That sets me up for a great day every day.

 If you could give one piece of advice to your future or younger self about stress management & wellness what would it be? 

“Whatever is meant to be, will be”. Even if the answer or reason isn’t yet clear to us, I truly believe that what the universe wants for us, will happen whether we like it or not. We may not be ready for the challenges we face but you never know how strong you are until you are faced with adversity. Don’t worry about being outside of your comfort zone as this is where amazing things happen, and you’ll truly bloom into yourself. I would have loved to believe this a few years ago, but it’s only as I grow up that I become more self-aware and can appreciate it.

To encourage wellness to my younger self, I definitely would have told her to focus on yourself rather than what everyone else is doing. Each body is unique and has different needs (food, exercise, nutrition, drink etc.) so don’t get caught up in what everyone else is eating or where they are exercising, do what feels right for your own body. Again, this is something I have learned as I grow in confidence with knowing my own body and trusting myself.

Thank you Amy! 


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