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Inspiriko interviews wellness warrior Holly Johnson

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Inspiriko interviews wellness warrior Holly Johnson

This week we interviewed one of our favourite  wellness warriors Holly Johnson. Holly wears many hats including working as wellness blogger, a columnist for a leading vegan magazine and running her own business through which she treats her customers to delicious wellness boxes. We talked to Holly about what wellness means to her and how she deals with the daily stress her busy lifestyle entails. Read the interview below and drop any questions in the comments below. 

Can you tell us a little bit about what do you do? (this is a great place for you to drop some links and self-promote)
As a wellbeing coach and gut-health warrior, I create delicious and nutritious recipes to boost and revive mind, body and soul. Understanding that optimum health begins in the gut, my vibrant and nutrilicious creations help to bolster, fortify and restore in the most health-reviving way to make us glow from the inside! 
After a period of ill-health and few years ago, I sought the help of an amazing nutritional therapist and with her guidance and wealth of knowledge about how food impacts us, I began creating smoothies and juices to help sooth and repopulate my gut flora. I had taken anti-biotics for many years, the result of which left my health at a low point and coupled with steroid cream withdrawal, I was quite broken. I wanted to turn this experience into something worthwhile and something that could potentially help others. Thus sprung Holly's Wholesome Kitchen and for the past 5 years, I have been making scrumptious food, all of which I share via my website and Instagram 
I have also taken my kitchen on the road and I had an amazing time running smoothie workshops at the Sun & Moon Festival. This June, I ran my very first Wild & Wholesome Wellness Retreat - it was a full day of restorative yoga and vegan food and at the end, each guest went away with a NourishMe Wellness Box I created which included some really beautiful vegan treats! All of my products are available on my online shop I am so excited to have some pop-up events in the pipeline, too and my ultimate dream is to own my very own smoothie and vegan tapas truck!
Most recently, since finding-out that i'm pregnant, I have been concocting lots of delicious recipes to calm, energise and help my bump to grow big and strong. You can check-out my Bump Diaries and my top-tips for a healthy pregnancy here
Can you tell us what wellness means to you and why is it important for you? 
For me, wellness means wholeness in mind, body and soul. I feel that when we are grounded and centred, we can cope better with the stresses and strains of daily life. 
Stress is a global epidemic. Could you share  what are your top 3 stress management techniques?
My top-3 stress busters are things that I try to implement on a daily basis. 1) Take some deep breaths/visualisation; this might sound simple but it truly works. By taking a few deep breaths before the day begins, I find that I can ground myself really quickly. If I have a busy day ahead of me, allowing myself just 5 minutes to focus on my breathing can really help to centre my thoughts which has a positive impact on the rest of my day. 2) Walk. Getting the blood flowing can be really beneficial for our wellbeing, especially as the colder, darker days are drawing-in. A brisk walk in nature can lift the spirits and help us to focus on what's important - the perfect de-stresser. 3) Make time for a creative hobby. Being creative and taking time away from our screens (whichever guise they may take), is such a great stress-reliever. Focussing our energy on a creative task can sooth and relax the central nervous system; a wonderful way to take away the stresses of the day.
Share with us one wellness ritual busy women could integrate into their daily lives even if they don't have much time?
My top-tip would be to create a really delicious smoothie, juice or smoothie bowl. I think nourishing our bodies with an array of beautiful foods is such a wonderful way to treasure and respect ourselves. With modern life so busy and lots of plates spinning, taking 10 minutes either in the morning or evening to put-together a really tasty recipe can have some far-reaching health benefits. I love making my daily juices, it's a little bit of time to myself to put my energy into something that I know will make me feel great. 
If you could give one piece of advice to your future or younger self what would it be?
I would most definitely say to my younger self "don't sweat the small stuff" because when all things are weighed-up, they don't really matter and to my future self I would say "i'm really proud of all of the things you've implemented to ensure that your wellbeing is being looked after" - This has been a long road and I have learnt a lot of important lessons along the way. I've learnt to not give myself a hard time and to take things in my stride and this is something I feel really happy about. 
My main motivation for persisting with Holly's Wholesome Kitchen is so that I can help, guide and advise anyone that is having a tough time. My passion for creating healthy recipes is driven by being able to use my experience and creating something good, worthwhile and beneficial out of it. 

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