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Inspiriko Interviews Mesh Hub Founder Leticia Dolenga

Posted by Team Inspiriko on
Inspiriko Interviews Mesh Hub Founder Leticia Dolenga

We sat down with Mesh Hub's founder Leticia Dolenga for an informal chat about wellness, importance of the environment and how to overcome excuses. 

Leticia Dolenga is a founder of Mesh Hub - a modern consultancy collective.  Mesh Hub's main focus is helping you to have greater wellbeing through harmonious design and reorganisation of your home and workplace.

This is our first time doing a video interview so at times technology was not on our side, but we are committed to improve. 

We invite you to listen to what Leticia has to say and perhaps take small steps in improving your wellbeing through a harmonious design. 

Find out more about Leticia and Mesh Hub here:

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