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Are ALL herbal supplements as healthy as they claim to be ?

Posted by Team Inspiriko on
Are ALL herbal supplements as healthy as they claim to be ?

Let’s be honest, these days there are herbal supplements for everything. Looking to be more energized, it is time for Maca. Need an immune system boost? Add baobab with its extraordinary vitamin C content to your diet.  It has become easier than ever to fill your nutritional gaps and feel more nourished and vibrant every day. Herbal supplements are supposed to be more healthy than their lab counterparts, but are they always ?

UK’s expanding supplement market means that more than ever you should pay close attention to the quality of the product you are using. Unfortunately, there are many herbal supplements that contain artificial flavourings and colours, bulking agents, industrial lubricants and even heavy metals. Yuk!!

The most common and perhaps one of the most dangerous ingredient that makes its way into your supplements often is .. Wait for it … HERBICIDES.

What are herbicides and why are they harmful?

Herbicides are used to kill weeds and other undesirable plants. There are many different types of herbicides with the most common being glyphosate and paraquat. Irresponsible use of herbicides can be dangerous both to humans and the environment.

Every bottle of herbicide carries a warning of how it could be harmful to human health. However, we don’t really realize that we are consuming herbicides through our food and no one is talking about it.  It is important to understand the side effects of herbicides to help you to prevent this unnecessary harm.

Herbicides can cause:

  • Respiratory damage - if the herbicide is inhaled it can create serious damage to your throat, nose, lungs and sinuses
  • Cancer - some herbicides seem to have a close correlation with causing cancer
  • Birth defects – some herbicides can increase the risk of birth defects in unborn children
  • Environmental harm – herbicides are known to destroy the natural habitat of many insects and birds causing an extinction

How to avoid having herbicides in your supplements and food?

Eating organic food is a way to start. Always look for products that are certified organic. Our suggestion would be to look for products that are SOIL Association certified. SA is an independent certification body that ensures complete transparency and traceability of the manufacturing process from the soil to the finished product.

Look for companies that go beyond being organic and actually produce products that are made from whole foods: real and pure food like berries, seeds, roots and grasses. Avoid any supplements that have unnecessary additives or fillers in it, like magnesium stearate in it, which is an industrial lubricant and can be found in most of the herbal supplements in the market.  By buying products that are of the highest quality you are sending the message that transparency and traceability is the king, and that you won’t settle for questionable ingredients.

Time for self-promotion! 

Inspiriko started out as a response to this mess in the supplements industry and the side effects we experienced ourselves by relying on so-called healthy herbal supplements. We have worked hard to develop a process where each one of our ingredients is procured only through sustainable and organic sources. We go one step further and also have our complete manufacturing and storage also certified by Soil Association.

Inspiriko’s promise is to put your health and wellbeing at the centre of everything we do. We will always aim to be 100% organic, vegan and ensure our transparency. Ask us anything and we will be delighted to answer any question you may have. 




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